My job is the planning, design, implementation and maintenance of websites. It is not simply the implementation of conventional design since it covers different aspects such as graphic design, interface design and user experience, such as navigability, interactivity, usability, information architecture. Interaction of media, among which we can mention audio, text, image, links, video and search engine optimization (SEO).

With an efficient layout according to your target, your services and products, with a market study that positions your image in the corresponding category according to the objective audience that your company or business needs. A friendly programming with search engines, quality and efficient design to navigation, with the latest technologies that help internally to have a fast web and great strategic design facilitating navigation, enriching the experience of your users and providing a clear identity visual communication that also contributes to the essence of the brand you want to promote. The loyalty of your customers and potential customers can be strengthened by having a good website.

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Wordpress Web sites

Website design Auto manageable through WordPress. Front-end development, online catalogs, scalable E-commerce. Your website can be self-administered to upload content on time, modules, images of products or services, multimedia content, contact form. Integration of social networks.

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Responsive web design / HTML5

It is the adaptive web design (also adaptive or responsive web design, this last one of the responsive web design), is a design and development philosophy whose objective is to adapt the appearance of the web pages to the device that is being used to visit them. That is to say, fully adaptable to all mobile devices, whether of the iOS operating system (iPhone / iPAd), Android, Windows Phone, Firefox OS, PIXEL or any other device (smartphones, tablets, etc.). Facilitates the usability of the web with vertical navigation and one-way scrolling, accessing the different pages named with short and descriptive titles. Simplicity adds great value when it comes to navigation. The design strategy is designed to optimize your mobile website, the size of the images, speed of navigation, typography, colors, menu bar, iconography , etc. In order to obtain the best possible user experience. The design of responsive web pages is considered today the best possible practice in web design.

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Web design for startup!

From a web infinite scroll (Landing page) to a Full web site. Start well! Make them know your company Make your business known and compete at the same level as large companies. A service that highlights your presence on the internet, PHP development, jquery and Mysql data plus web design responsive, developed to work on cell phones, tablets, desktop, provide the essential technology for your website. We highlight your strengths in order to increase your commercial activity and presence in the market where your company's business is developed. Optimized development for search engines, scalable to the e-commerce site, online stores and electronic payments. You can also create Mini sites focused on the marketing plan, campaigns, promotions, launch offers, special events, organizational focus, among many other uses to enhance the strategy of your business. A very efficient service when it comes to wanting to position your brand again. Your audience can easily interact with your content with easy navigation thanks to a responsive design. . To generate the attention of your audience, new brand launches, new products, promotions, contests and specific campaigns, a well-structured mini-site with the right and necessary information, allows you to obtain detailed feedback with optimal results.

Nowadays it is essential to be on the internet, whatever your business, having the presence in search engines will make your target audience can easily find you, a website optimized for SEO and scalable to e-commerce site, responsive web design (100% adaptable to mobile devices). Improve communication with your customers and potential customers, with adaptable plans tailored to your business that has just begun. I provide constant consultancy so that your business has the best visual strategy when creating your website and the special content to position it in search engines. Navigation is very important so that users want to stay longer on your site and know more about your venture. An interactive website with Jquery technology, html5, css3, great design and organic positioning with a website, integration to social networks and online catalogues, contact form and brand image will make your Business stay in the memory of your target audience. I will give you all the communication support that your Business.